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gerberFull Name: Jacques Dewald Gerber

Position: Head of Seismological Services (Africa)

Company/Organisations: Institute of Mine Seismology (IMS)

Date and Place of Birth: 7 March 1988, Port Elizabeth

Education: MSc (Physics)

First Job: Seismologist at IMS

Personal Best Achievement: Completing my MSc

Philosophy of Life: Vivite Fortes (live courageously)

Favourite Food/Drink: Pizza

Favourite Sport: Soccer

Vivite Fortes (live courageously)

How did your career in the mining industry begin and where are you now?

I joined the mine seismology group at IMS after completing an MSc (Physics) at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. I have been involved in providing routine seismological services to the mining industry since 2012, and I was appointed as manager of the South African Seismological Services Group in 2015. During the past two years, I have also been responsible for the development of numerical modelling software.

hist5A change so unexpected, and a development never known before, followed from the discovery in 1886 of the greatest gold mines of all history, ancient and modern. From 1886 (until 1940), the story of South Africa is the story of gold – C.W. de Kiewiet, 1941. The discovery of gold on the Witwatersrand in 1886 was a turning point in South African history. Far more than diamonds, this led South Africa from an agricultural society to become the largest gold-producer in the world. Gold increased trade between South Africa and the rest of the world. For the main trading nations, i.e. the Europe and the United States, gold was of value because their currencies were backed by gold. This was known as the gold standard. Under the gold standard, these countries had to keep gold in a bank vault to the value of the currency they issued. For example, if the government of a country wanted to print more money, it had to buy gold to back that money. If that country did not produce gold itself, it had to import gold from another country. Under the gold standard, the price of gold was fixed internationally. It was kept low as this benefited nations in Europe, as well as the United States, amongst others. These strong nations did not produce gold and had to buy it from elsewhere to back their own currency. In the 1930s, many countries abandoned the gold standard. The effect that this had on the South African economy will be examined later on in this feature.

Dear Members
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My wife, Angelique, and I do tandem road racing as a means to keep fit and spend time together. However, for us to compete, we need to make sure that we can operate as a functional team. As it is difficult to communicate with one another when racing, it is important to know each other’s strengths, weaknesses and limits.


ISRM International Symposium

‘Rock Mechanics for Africa’

See event page: http://www.saimm.co.za/saimm-events/upcoming-events/afrirock-2017

Dates: 02-07 October 2017

Venue: Cape Town Convention Centre, Cape Town, South Africa

Gauteng Branch Teaches the Ropes!

SANIRE Gauteng Bench’s 2015 year end function taught about 20 SANIRE members “the ropes” at the CSIR’s Rope Testing facility, located in Sunnyside, Johannesburg.

Globally, 2015 was the warmest year on record, with world temperatures exceeding the long-term average based on documented measurements taken since 1880. The previous record year was 2014, and 2010 before that.

Tree planting demonstration by Sammy Mashaba from Food and Trees for Africa (Oct. 2011)

Supported by scientific evidence suggesting a link to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, climate change officially became the subject of international negotiations almost twenty-five years ago – the first agreement to co-operate dates back to 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. Between then and now, the world has generated almost as much carbon as it did during the preceding century.

New developments

Malaysia has been approved as a new national group of the ISRM.

The European Rock Mechanics Symposium – EUROCK 2018 – has been approved as an ISRM Regional Symposium. The conference will take place in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in May 2018.

The Shaoxing International Forum on Rock Mechanics and Engineering Technology has been approved as an ISRM Specialized Conference. The conference will take place in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China, from 31 October to 1 November 2016.

Full name: Kevin Richard Brentley.

Position: Rock Engineer.

Company: Brentley, Lucas and Associates.

Organisations: SANIRE, ISRM, SAIMM.

Date and place of birth: 22 August 1960, Born in Johannesburg.

The official launch of the South African National Institute of Rock Engineering took place at a function held on 6 July 1999 at the Wanderer‟s Club in Johannesburg. At the launch, the out-going Chairman of SANGORM, Dr. Güner Gürtunca, reported on his period of chairmanship from February 1994 to July 1999. His report was followed by an address from SANIRE‟s first president, Dr. Nielen van der Merwe.