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The Division of Mining and Geotechnical Engineering at Luleå University of Technology will arrange Ground Support 2016, the 8th International Symposium on Ground Support in Mining and Underground Construction, in Luleå, Sweden, September 12 – 14, 2016. Venue: Kulturens Hus – Conference & Congress.

This conference series has been hosted by many countries and continents throughout the years:

1st 1983 in Abisko, Sweden

2nd 1992 in Sudbury, Canada

3rd 1997 in Lillehammer, Norway

4th 1999 in Kalgoorlie, Australia

5th 2004 in Perth, Australia

6th 2008 in Cape Town, South Africa

7th 2013 in Perth, Australia

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SANIRE Free State is hosting a Rock Engineering Symposium:

Unpacking the Aspects

At Glenburn Lodge, Muldersdrift on 17 September 2015

Symposium Fees

 Sanire members - R1250
Non-members - R1500
Exhibition space - R5000

Closing date for registrations: 28th August 2015

Wilma Muller - 057 904 6498

Alida Kleinhans - 057 904 6066

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The Strata Control Practical Exam will be hosted by Atlatsa Resources – Bokoni Platinum Mine on behalf of the Eastern Bushveld SANIRE Branch on the 26th August 2015. Please note that it is only for Eastern Bushveld members.


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On behalf of the Czech National Group of the International Society for Rock Mechanics, we have the honour to invite you to attend the European Symposium EUROCK 2017 to be held on 13-15 June 2017 in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The Symposium is jointly organized by the Czech National Group of ISRM and the Institute of Geonics of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The motto of the EUROCK 2017 is Human Activity in Rock Mass.

You can find more information in the first announcement :

We are looking forward to see you in Ostrava.

Yours sincerely,

Petr Konicek
Chairman of the Symposium

At the end of every year Sanire holds the AGM where an overview is given with regard to the various portfolios (areas) SANIRE is involved in across industry. Furthermore, the AGM provides a platform where people are recognised and awarded for excellent work (Practitioner of the year), Technical contributions (Salamon and Ortlepp awards) or for exceptional achievements in the bi-annual exams.

The AGM is typically held in the mornings followed by a late lunch. As an alternative to this, it was suggested that the event is split into a meeting where the portfolios will be discussed (Sanire members present) followed by a formal dinner and prize giving where the spouses will also be welcome.

We, however, require your input with regard to your preference.

1. AGM morning session followed by Lunch

2. AGM followed by formal dinner and prize giving where the spouses are also present

Please send your preference to Joma before 31 May:

Please note that the registration for the Chamber of Mines Rock Mechanics practical closes 24 July 2015. To register please follow this link and send proof of payment to Colin.

Dear Members
Please follow the link to the latest bi-annual newsletter. Stories and articles are always welcome. Please email Paul Couto at enquiries.

Download the PDF version: pdf  SANIRE Newsletter_Volume 1_Issue 2_July_2015 (4.03 MB)

Jacques Lucas attended his final ISRM Board meeting as VP Africa on Saturday 2015/05/09, prior to the ISRM 2015 Congress in Montreal. During his term from 2011 to 2015, two new African ISRM National Groups (Tunisia and Zimbabwe) were established. He also played a significant role in co‑ordinating the Young Member’s Presidential Group. The ISRM Council meeting was held the following day, Saturday 2015/05/10. Jacques presented the status of the African region and William Joughin was representing SANIRE. William presented SANIRE’s bid for the AfriRock 2017 in Cape Town, as the 2017 ISRM International Symposium, which was successful, competing against Eurock 2017 in Ostrava, Czech Republic. William was elected as VP Africa for the new ISRM Board 2015-2019. Michael Du Plessis will represent SANIRE, as the new SANIRE president, at the ISRM Councils during 2016 and 2017.


ISRM Board 2015-2019 (left to right, top to bottom) President: Eda F. Quatros (Brazil); VP Africa: William Joughin (South Africa); VP Asia: Seokwon Jeon (Singapore); VP Australasia: Stuart Read (New Zealand): VP Europe: Charlie Chunlin Li (Sweden); VP North America: Doug Stead (Canada); VP South America Sérgio Fontoura (Brazil); VP at Large: Manchao He (China); VP at Large: Norikazu Shimizu (Japan); VP at Large Petr Konicek (Czech Republic); Secretary General: Luís Lamas (Portugal).

The ISRM now comprises 59 National Groups, 7 797 individual members and 147 corporate members.

The planned ISRM Conferences are:

International Congress: 2019, Foz de Iguacu, Brazil

International Symposia:

Eurock 2016, Cappadocia, Turkey


AfriRock 2017, Cape Town, South Africa

Regional Symposia:

Eurock 2015, Salzburg, Austria


SARMC 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina


ARMS9 2016, Bali, Indonesia


Eurock 2017, Ostrava, Czech Republic


ARMS10 2018, Singapore

Specialized Conferences:

GeoProc2015, Salt Lake City, USA


Vietrock2015, Hanoi, Vietnam


Shale Gas 2015, Wuhan, China

  4th Workshop on Volcanic Rocks and Soils 2015, Ischia, Italy
  7th In-Situ Rock Stress Symposium 2016, Tampere, Finland
  Recent Advances in Rock Engineering 2016, Bangalore, India

Professor John Hudson, received the 2015 Muller award, which the most prestigious ISRM award and is awarded every four years. He presented the Muller Lecture at the ISRM 2015 Congress.

The Rocha medal is awarded to the best PhD thesis in Rock Mechanics annually. The 2015 Rocha Medal was awarded to Andrea Lisjak Bradley of Italy, who also presented a lecture on his thesis at the Congress. The 2016 Rocha Medal winner (Chia Weng Boon from Malaysia) was announced. Submissions for the 2017 Medal remain open until 31 December 2015.

The 9th online ISRM Video Lecture was presented by Professor Dick Stacey on “Risk in Rock Engineering Design and Practice”.

conf2On the 12th May 2015 in Montreal Canada the first Rock Bowl Team from South Africa took part in the first International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM) Rock Bowl Challenge. The team consisted of 4 members who were chosen according to the following requirements:

  • The Rock Bowl team must consist of 4 members who’s ages must be 35 and younger.
  • Four young graduates working in the rock engineering field (with BSc or MSc and one PHD)
  • There is no cost to participate in the Rock Bowl.
  • The participating teams are responsible for all costs associated with registration and travel to the ISRM Congress 2015. There is no subsidy or sponsorship for the participating teams.

On the 12th May 2015 at 15:00 the competition began. In true South African style a quick “regmaaker” was gulped down and they were ready to compete against Brazil, China, South Korea and Canada.

The competition was structured in a similar “flink dink” way whereby a Rock Engineering related question is asked by a presenter and each team sitting opposite to each other needs to tap a buzzer which secures the question. They then have 10 seconds to answer the question. If it is answered correctly the team is awarded 10 points as well as a bonus question. If the bonus question is answered correctly, 20 points are awarded to the team. All the teams competed against each other in a pool setup, whereby the final was decided.
The first round was South Africa Vs. Canada. Unfortunately South Africa lost the first round, whereby we had one more round left in the pool which was against Brazil. South Africa narrowly lost this round as well and therefore forfeited the final position to Brazil. Brazil entered two teams which both made it to the final. The winners for the Rock Bowl 2015 was Brazil.
Even though the South African team did not win, it was an experience of a life time. We would all like to thank SANIRE and the associated sponsors for making this possible and to TEAM SOUTH AFRICA for a great experience on an international stage.

For more information on ISRM and the Rock Bowl 2015 please visit the ISRM website.

Some pictures from the event


Special thanks to the Sponsors