Portfolio: Finance and Administration

Friedemann Essrich, the treasurer for this financial year holds an MSc(Geoph), Pr.Sci.Nat. SCC, ETDP.1085.

He says: "I consider myself the custodian of Sanire's financial assets. I have been entrusted with maintaining financial controls and ensuring that adequate funding is available to achieve the goals set by the council and members. The portfolios and functions requiring most attention are administration, communication and education."

He points out that, in the interests of Sanire members, expenses need to be accounted for in a transparent manner and that appropriate controls have to be in place to ensure that these expenses are justified and that they add value on branch level, as well as for the national office.

Friedemann emphasises: "Since the introduction of effective internal and external controls in 2009, Sanire's financial security has improved significantly, a trend in need of our continued support into the future."

Portfolio: Mine Seismology

As holder of the mine seismology portfolio, Friedemann Essrich plans to continue to inform council of rockburst related incidents in the mining industry and, where appropriate, draw attention to relevant technical developments in this field.

He says: "I will endeavour to provide advice and assistance when required."