JannieJannie Martiz holds a BEng.(Mining.), MEng (Hons) MOT, COM Rock Eng. Certificate, Mine Managers Certificate (Met), and MSAIMM, MSANIRE, MAMMSA.

He is responsible for two portfolios, research and ISRM Young Members.

Portfolio: Research

The research portfolio aims to provide a single repository for all rock related research topics and activities within the surface and underground mining environment, to serve as a database of issues being addressed and details of those involved in the research.

Jannie says: "I want to collate all rock related research activities and topics under one database and to collaborate with the different parties involved in research (academic and practical) to align resources and effectively win the battle against falls of ground."

Portfolio: ISRM Young Members

The purpose of this portfolio is to provide a platform for the younger generation of rock engineering professionals to become involved in the society and its activities and identify needs for education.

Jannie says: "I plan to set up a forum where the young rock engineering professionals can communicate their needs and increase their participation in Sanire. To achieve this, I will help to organise young members' events and technical visits, and organise and host the first annual Rockbowl SA. I will also engage in discussions with the international groups to possibly set up an exchange programme to afford young practitioners the opportunity to gain international exposure, in return offering these opportunities to their foreign counterparts."