Paul Couto

Portfolio: Newsletter (RockTalk)

Paul Couto joined the Rock Engineering Fraternity directly after leaving University, beginning his career in 2010. Paul graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a B.Sc Geology degree. He obtained his COMREC early in 2013, whereby he was appointed as a Senior Rock Engineer at Northam Platinum. Paul is currently the Chief Rock Engineer at Northam Platinum: Booysendal Division.

Paul is responsible for the SANIRE newsletter, RockTalk. RockTalk is the communication vehicle through which SANIRE members are kept informed on various issues relating to the council, the branches, the greater Rock Engineering Fraternity and other stakeholders. RockTalk seeks to unlock value, knowledge and awareness through engaging articles, editorials, news, and Rock Engineering best practice updates.

Paul will continue to promote the vision and values of SANIRE by facilitating the production of informative and relevant quarterly RockTalk publications. He also seeks to promote the participation of young members in the discipline.