Portfolio: History and Research

dave arnold pictureDave Arnold is now one of the older rock mechanics engineers around; certainly the oldest serving on council.

He says: "I worked in the corporate mining environment for fifty years, of which forty years were in rock mechanics. Since I 'retired' fifteen years ago I have been running my small rock mechanics consultancy business, which generally keeps me more busy than I ever was when I worked for a boss. (Come to think of it, I still have a boss. She lives in the house with me).

"I have two portfolios. The first is rock mechanics research, a portfolio which I share with a number of other council members. The main thrusts of this portfolio are to ensure that rock mechanics research reverts back to being driven by industry rock mechanics' needs, requirements and demands, and that some of the rock mechanics research expertise and wherewithal that has been lost, is regained or suitably replaced.

"My second portfolio is that of rock mechanics history. I have been pursuing this in my spare time (of which I have very little) over the past four or five years. There are moves to put this on a more professional footing, and to get it completed before all of us old toppies finally shuffle off this mortal coil. A lot of the early recollections of pioneering individuals were never recorded and have now been lost forever, so there is no time to lose."