Communication initiatives fared well in 2010. Read more in Geoffrey Potgieter’s report.

Communication moved up a notch

In January of this year I stated that my goals for 2010 and 2011 were to revive the newsletter and make it a regular publication that is both anticipated and widely read. I also stated that I would like to create a strong visual identity for Sanire that could be used consistently throughout all communications. However, my main goal was to create a vibrant online community of rock engineers. By and large, I feel that these goals have been achieved.

Encouraging progress

The newsletter appears regularly and I hope it is as widely anticipated as it is read (we have a mailing list of 800).

The new logos are being used and are starting to help define a brand for Sanire.

Best of all, we, as a community, have made progress. The website is being widely used and the forum, an open platform to discuss rock engineering issues, is starting to be used. Seventy-seven topics have been posted, to which there have been 168 replies. We still have some way to go – these involve just a fraction of our 834 registered users. However, some topics have been viewed more than 2 500 times!

The average number of visits to the site has increased from approximately 1 500 in January to 3 500 in October, with a peak of 6 000 in July, when people were logging on to check their results.

What I find is very encouraging is the demographics of our user base. As the graphs show, there is a good spread across all levels and ages.

Big plans

We have big plans for next year, when we expect to make more learning material available online. We are looking into steaming technologies that would enable us to stream lectures and presentations to a wider audience. We would also like to make a selection of books available for free download. The introduction of an sms reminder service is also on the cards.

Finally, we will be setting up an exams hotline. On the day of the exams, you will be able to contact the Sanire council in the event of an emergency, so that we can respond quickly and assist Unisa with sorting out any administrative errors.

My request to you is: Please visit the site, comment on articles and help us grow Sanire to be the preferred voice of rock engineering practitioners in Southern Africa.

Level of responsibility of Sanire website users


Age of Sanire website users


It took a team

You are reading the fourth issue of RockTalk, delivered straight to your inbox from the Sanire web server. I would like thank the people who made this possible.