A man that was larger than life in his personal life and throughout his long and influential working career in the mining industry.

He was a well-known and respected member of the mining industry, being a key figure in many SANIRE and other supplier events. I am sure he has a special place in each and every one of your hearts.

As most people, that knew Eric, would know there was only one way and that was Eric’s way!

Eric would be all in whether it be work related, entertaining or just living life to its fullest “In his way”

He adored his children, always being there whatever the event or attraction was. He could never get enough of his beloved grandchildren. He always made an effort to be part of whatever they were busy with or participating in it.

As friends and family, all we can do is cherish Eric for the man he was and keep the good memories of him in our hearts and minds.

Eric, thank you for all you did for us over the years. All we can say is, now that you are back in the arms of your beloved Colleen, May He Rest in Peace.