PLEASE NOTE: The closing date for the SCO practical exams registration is 1 March 2019. Apply here...

Dear members,

To ensure that we have an appropriate process in place which addresses the needs of all our members, SANIRE has launched the new on-line electronic practical examination registration portal via our website. This will cater for both the registration of the Rock Engineering and Strata Control practical exams. The intent of the system is to ensure that SANIRE can administer the registration process to make sure that any potential irregularities are ruled out in future. All of the practicals will be co-ordinated at central ven-ues to cater for all of the candidate’s needs.

Planned practical examination dates going forward:
Rock Engineering: May and October
Strata Control: March and August

What has changed:
In future the registration process and fees payable will be managed by SANIRE’s Education Fund.

Registration fees:
Rock Engineering: R1 000
SCO: SANIRE member (R500) and non-SANIRE members (R1200)

You will notice that the SCO practical exams will be coordinated per branch. There will thus be 1 (one) coordinated practical ar-ranged for that branch (twice per year). Candidates can only attempt 2 practicals a year, and only one attempt per 6 monthly sitting. The branch chairpersons will be taking the responsibility for this. The registration system also caters for the various specific mining methods.

There are compulsory fields to complete when registering. If any of the fields are not completed (or proof attached), the registration is not complete. You will be notified of your registration within 72 hours. If you do not receive a registration, then your registration has not been received.

The Strata Control examination could still consist of an underground trip and plan reading , but will also test candidates report writ-ing skills, computer literacy and the ability of a candidate to interpret and use basic data collected from a site. Candidates will there-fore have to bring along a laptop, camera, distomat / tape, compass and any other daily underground equipment which might be valid for the exam. Most of the examination will take place on a formal template which will be marked by the external examiners.

Further requirements:

In addition to the above requirements candidates who want to take part in the Strata Control examination going forward will also have to show proof of prior mining exposure. This process will start kicking in from August 2018 and will be expanded on over the next couple of exams to ensure candidates are provided with the required time to get the additional requirements in place. The intent is to develop well rounded Strata Control Officers and Rock Engineers to service our mining teams.

August 2018: Logbook and Competent A + B
February 2019: Logbook, Comp A+ B and Level 2 mining operations qualification. The Level 2 qualification comprises of 19 modules and can be done on a full or part time basis which will take approximately 2-4 months to complete.
February 2020: Logbook and Blasting certificate (the blasting certificate builds on from the Level 2 qualification and requires an addi-tional 2 week theory blasting preparation course as well as 75 underground face shifts in order to obtain the practical component.