The October 2013 examination results have been released by the Chamber of Mines. Herewith the summary of the results:

SCO Met - 29%

SCO Coal – 37%

RMC Paper 1 – 16%

RMC Paper 2 – 23%

RMC Paper 3.1 – 11%

RMC Paper 3.2 –  38%

RMC Paper 3.3 – 33%

RMC Paper 3.4 – 0%

Candidates who qualify for the Rock Mechanics practical exam must apply. Only paid registered candidates will be considered for the practical exams.

Experienced surface mining practitioners have an opportunity to gain recognition for their expertise through a grandfathering process. Hurry if you need this recognition, but haven't started the process yet. The window for completing it closes at the end of March 2014.

Glen McGaviganThe South African National Institute of Rock Engineering (SANIRE) and the Chamber of Mines (CoM) have approved a process of grandfathering experienced surface mining practitioners in the Chamber of Mines Rock Engineering Certificate (COMREC) for Surface Mining.

Some surface mining practitioners were active in the field of surface mining rock engineering when the COMREC for Surface Mining was first introduced in May 2008. There is a need to recognise their competence.

After all, these people typically had five years' or more post-qualification experience at the time of the introduction of the certificate. Thus, as of 2013, they have 10 years' experience.

The grandfathering criteria consider both knowledge and experience and are based on the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) registration requirements, the South African Institute of Civil Engineering (Geotechnical Division) Geotechnical Code of Practice and the Large Open Pit Project (CSIRO Australia) guidelines for competency.

People have a six-month window, which opened on 1 October, in which to complete the grandfathering process. Application forms have to be completed, a portfolio of evidence supplied and an interview conducted by a panel of extremely experienced open pit practitioners.

Click here for full details of the grandfathering process and application forms.

The ACG team looks forward to welcoming you to the 11th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill to be held in Perth, May 2014. Click Here to read more.

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The May 2013 examination results have been released by the Chamber of Mines. Herewith the summary of the results:

SCO Met - 28%

SCO Coal – 35%

RMC Paper 1 – 30%

RMC Paper 2 – 7%

RMC Paper 3.1 – 18%

RMC Paper 3.2 – 14%

RMC Paper 3.3 – 20%

RMC Paper 3.4 – 0%

To view the results, please click here.

Candidates who qualify for the Rock Mechanics practical exam must apply and pay before Friday, 2 August 2013. Only paid registered candidates will be considered for the practical exams.

All remarks must also be requested through the Chamber of Mines by 2 August 2013. Note that there is a R500 administration fee for any remark. Candidates must have achieved a minimum mark of 50% to qualify for a remark.

Congratulations to Ms. Onkutlwile Motlogelwa for receiving the SANIRE Student Award in acknowledgement of obtaining the highest marks in the course Strata Control.   

The prize-giving ceremony took place on 3 May 2013 at the Great Hall of the Witwatersrand University.





Candidates that have passed all three their Rock Engineering papers should register and pay for the practical examination with the Chamber of Mines before or by 31 January 2013.  Kindly take note that no late registrations will be accepted.

To submit a registration online, click on the following link:

 Also, when completing the registration form, please bear in mind to tick one of the following options:

  • Cert in Rock Mechanics – Coal
  • Cert in Rock Mechanics – Hard Rock (Gold)
  • Cert in Rock Mechanics – Hard Rock (Platinum)
  • Cert in Rock Mechanics – Massive
  • Cert in Rock Mechanics – Open Pit

The final examination results were released today.  To download the results, click here.

The October 2012 examination results have been released by the Chamber of Mines, however paper 3.1 will be released on a later stage.

Herewith the summary of the results:

RMC Paper 1                       15%

RMC Paper 2                       13%

RMC Paper 3.1                    Pending

RMC Paper 3.2                    0%

RMC Paper 3.3                    20%

RMC Paper 3.4                    0%

SCC Coal                             41%

SCC Met                              37%

Click here  to download the results.

Please take note of the following:

  • Remarks will be allowed for any candidate who have achieved above 50% in the exam. The candidate must register for the remark within the next 2 weeks (not later than 31 January) through the Chamber of Mines website. The cost for a remarks is R500.
  • Candidates who want to attempt the Strata Control practical exam must already have passed the theory exam (No SCO theory, no practical). Candidates must register for the Strata Control practical exam through SANIRE. The information regarding the practical exam dates and venue will be published on the website. Candidates are only allowed to attempt 1 practical exam following the release of the theory exam results. The practical exams are organised between the groups and will be communicated.
  • Candidates who qualify for the Rock Mechanics practical exam (passed all the theory papers), must register for the exam through the Chamber of Mines web site. Candidates who qualify and want to attempt the exam must register for the exam within the next 2 weeks (not later than 31 January). Late registrations will not be considered. The date and venue for the practical examination will be communicated to the registered candidates.
  • Any person who wants to register for the May SCO theory exam must have worked within a Rock Engineering department for at least 3 months. A scanned copy from the Rock Engineering HOD who can verify this will be required to accompany the registration through the COM website. The details (contact number and email address) of the HOD recommending the candidate for the SCO exam will be required as part of the registration process. The HOD will be contacted to confirm the validity of the candidates request to register for the SCO exam.

If you encounter any problems or errors with the learning material, please be so kind as to pass your comments on to 

Your assistance is highly appreciated.





Please take note of the helpline that will be made available during the Strata Control and Rock Engineering COM examinations.  The helpline will only assist with the distribution of examination papers (where required) and not with technical enquiries. 

COM exam helpline image

* Helpline number:  Tel. no. (018) 484-2028 * Between 14:00 – 17:00 * 16 October 2012, 17 October 2012 and 18 October 2012 *

Candidates can now only register online for the Chamber of Mines theory examinations.  To submit an online registration, please click on the following link:

Candidates will be required to pay an entrance fee of R1 000-00 per paper and candidates should fax a copy of the proof of payment to the Chamber of Mines.

The closing date for the October 2012 examinations are on the 31st of August 2012.  No late registrations will not be accepted.

COM online exams


COM Memo

The examination results were released today by the Chamber of Mines.    

To download the results, click here

The May 2012 examination results has been released by the Chamber of Mines.  However paper one will only be released on Monday, 30 July 2012 as the papers are being re-assessed with regard to time allocation per question to ensure that candidates are not penalised due to time restrictions, or problems reported as a result of issues at examination venues.

Congratulations to those candidates that passed, your hard work has paid off.

Click here to download the results.

coursehandThe recent full-time rock mechanics course offered for the Chamber of Mines Rock Mechanics Paper 1 exam garnered praise from the candidates who took advantage of this opportunity.

[body copy] Candidates of the Chamber of Mines Ticket have particularly struggled with the Paper 1 section. This is what prompted the decision to offer a "full-time" course of 20 lecture days to cover in detail the work required for Paper 1.
The course was held at the Gold Fields Academy on Goldfields KDC Mine Complex. Accommodation was available to those who travelled from remote mining districts. The presenters of the course were Johan Hanekom, Jannie Maritz, Trevor Rangasamy and Duncan Adams.
Initially, the number of candidates was capped at 25, but the interest was so great that 27 candidates were accepted for the course.
Feedback from candidates was generally very positive. After writing the exam, a number of candidates said how much the course helped them.
The cost of the course was R19 000 for the lecture programme. Those needing accommodation paid less than R6 000 extra.


This course followed the development of learning material, which was prompted by the lack of Rock Mechanics qualified personnel in the industry and the low number of people that qualify each time the Chamber of Mines Rock Mechanics Ticket exam is written.
The Rock Engineering Technical Committee of the Chamber of Mines arranged for Johan Hanekom to scrutinise the syllabi for Papers 1, 2 and 3 of the Chamber of Mines Certificate and then write a textbook aligned to the syllabi.
The material for Paper 1 is available free, in electronic format, on the Sanire website, thanks to financial support from the Mining Qualifications Authority. The other two sections are being edited and will be available soon.

exampaperComprehensive rock engineering learning material for the South African mining industry is almost complete – and you can download it for free. Read more about it.

The writing of comprehensive rock engineering material for the South African mining industry started in the first half of 2011. It should be completed by end of March this year. At the time of writing this article, Paper 1 was complete. It should be available for download, free of charge, on the Sanire website by the time you read this article. The other papers will be available for download as and when they are completed.

Why is this so important? The skills shortage in the South African mining industry is a big worry, especially in the field of rock engineering. The poor pass rate of the Chamber of Mines Rock Mechanics Certificate examinations, especially pass rates for the theory paper, gives major cause for concern. In the most recent examination, only two out of 98 candidates passed paper 1 and only 18 certificates have been issued since 2007 (up until the beginning of 2011).

janniemaritzThe University of Pretoria's Jannie Maritz asks: Are teaching and learning really making an impact? At Tuks, he thinks they are. Read on to find out why.

The University of Pretoria's department of Mining Engineering celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011. The first mining engineering student enrolled for the degree in 1961 and subsequently graduated in 1964.

A lot has changed on and around the campus, yet one thing has stayed the same: The quality of mining engineer graduating has improved. Every year, Tuks Mining is delivering around 30 newly developed mining engineers into the industry. These candidates are well trained in all aspects of mining, ranging from exploration all the way to mining closure and rehabilitation.

As academic citizens, the personnel at University of Pretoria are committed to participating in three major activities in their specific field of expertise: tuition, research and community involvement.

At Tukkies, we strive to produce a well-rounded general mining engineer who has exposure to all facets of the mining industry, including rock engineering/strata control, meeting all the exit level outcomes set by the engineering council (ECSA) to provide a professional service.

The Chamber of Mines through the Rock Engineering Technical Committee recently commissioned the writing of material to cover the Rock Mechanics Certificate in Rock Mechanics. This material has been completed and will form the basis on which the lectures will be based. Candidates are invited to be enrolled in a full-time course in preparation of the Rock Mechanics exams that will be written in May 2012. The month long course will focus on Paper 1 only and candidates completing this course will be well prepared to write the Paper 1 exam.
Course Duration: 2 April 2012 to 4 May (20 Days),
Venue: Goldfields Academy, Gold Fields Kloof Mine.
For more information, contact Duncan Adams at  


With the change over from UNISA to the COM some minor delays in administration is expected.  Therefore we urge candidates which have passed all three rock engineering papers and is applying for the practical evaluation, to please contact Jacques Lucas at in order to speed up the process for arranging the various practicals.

The Strata Control candidates’ examination results for the October 2011 examinations have been released by UNISA.  Congratulations to those candidates that passed, your hard work has paid off.
Subject                            Pass rate
SCC Metalliferous            60%
SCC Coal                         0%
Click here to dowload the full results.  


Presentation1SANIRE has numerous queries regarding publication of results for the Strata Control Certificate. The results for the approximately 150 candidates are being finalised and will be released once completed. Candidates are requested to be patient and to refrain from contacting the office or the examiner directly.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.