The October 2012 examination results have been released by the Chamber of Mines, however paper 3.1 will be released on a later stage.

Herewith the summary of the results:

RMC Paper 1                       15%

RMC Paper 2                       13%

RMC Paper 3.1                    Pending

RMC Paper 3.2                    0%

RMC Paper 3.3                    20%

RMC Paper 3.4                    0%

SCC Coal                             41%

SCC Met                              37%

Click here  to download the results.

Please take note of the following:

  • Remarks will be allowed for any candidate who have achieved above 50% in the exam. The candidate must register for the remark within the next 2 weeks (not later than 31 January) through the Chamber of Mines website. The cost for a remarks is R500.
  • Candidates who want to attempt the Strata Control practical exam must already have passed the theory exam (No SCO theory, no practical). Candidates must register for the Strata Control practical exam through SANIRE. The information regarding the practical exam dates and venue will be published on the website. Candidates are only allowed to attempt 1 practical exam following the release of the theory exam results. The practical exams are organised between the groups and will be communicated.
  • Candidates who qualify for the Rock Mechanics practical exam (passed all the theory papers), must register for the exam through the Chamber of Mines web site. Candidates who qualify and want to attempt the exam must register for the exam within the next 2 weeks (not later than 31 January). Late registrations will not be considered. The date and venue for the practical examination will be communicated to the registered candidates.
  • Any person who wants to register for the May SCO theory exam must have worked within a Rock Engineering department for at least 3 months. A scanned copy from the Rock Engineering HOD who can verify this will be required to accompany the registration through the COM website. The details (contact number and email address) of the HOD recommending the candidate for the SCO exam will be required as part of the registration process. The HOD will be contacted to confirm the validity of the candidates request to register for the SCO exam.