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A Short Description of the Rock Mechanics Textbook

The planned rock mechanics textbook is a synthesis of 22 classic texts on rock mechanics, solid mechanics, the author’s 15 years’ experience in rock mechanics in the gold mining industry, and 10 years as a professor at the University of Pretoria (1984-2009). Throughout this period, the author noted that all the introductory texts on stress and strain were incomplete in one way or another, and that this, together with the watered-down introductions to stress and strain currently accepted in the mining rock mechanics fraternity, forms a barrier to the rest of rock mechanics.


The MHSC has over the years produced a number of very useful reports and booklets. Although these booklets have been available to download for some time now, a number of people still either don’t know of their existence or where to find them. I would recommend that all Rock Engineers and Students make use of this valuable resource which the MHSC provides for free.


Download these very useful booklets here

You are still in time to register for the 2nd ISRM Annual Field Trip, which takes place in June 2010 on the two days immediately before the EUROCK2010 Symposium. The Field Trip starts and finishes in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The field trip leader is Christophe Bonnard of the EPFL, where he is in charge of the group Natural Hazard Assessment of the Soil Mechanics Laboratory and Member of the Board of Directors of the Soil and the Rock Mechanics Laboratories. He is a Lecturer of the Doctoral Program Environment at the EPFL and at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Geneva (post-graduate course on Study and Management of Geological Risks).
The 1st day includes visits to a motorway anchored wall, landslide sites, molasse outcrops and cliffs, as well as visits to the Fribourg and Gruyères towns and castles. Dinner and overnight will be in Gruyères. On the 2nd day participants will visit a cheese cave, rock outcrops, an arch dam and a rock fall zone, a quarry and the Chillon castle.
Click here to download the Registration Form and the Payment Instructions.
Click here to download the details of the Field Trip visits and schedule.
Luís Lamas
Secretary General, ISRM

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The challenges facing rock engineers inspired Sanire President Jacques Lucas to tweak Winston Churchill’s famous Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat speech. Read more to find out why there is simply no surrender if you are a rock engineer.

Fair treatment and safety were the two issues uppermost in Sanire President Jacques Lucas’s mind as he started his presidential address at the recent Sanire annual general meeting (AGM).

He rephrased Winston Churchill’s famous Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat speech, giving the Sanire version as:
“We shall fight them in the raises
We shall fight them in the ends
We shall fight them in the stopes
We shall fight them on the slopes.
But we shall never surrender!

Safety first
Jacques also quoted statistics from Bloomberg and Mining Web, which illustrated that mine safety is still a major concern, even though mine related deaths are reducing.

The recent earthquake in Haiti shocked the world. Friedemann Essrich looked into what caused it, what it was like, and how the methods used to measure it compared with methods used in South African mines. Read some of his findings here.

The M=7.0 earthquake that rocked Haiti on 12 January may have caused as many as 230 000 casualties. It was associated with a transform fault, the most famous of which is probably the San Andreas fault system in California.

Every quarter, as part of the news letter, SANIRE is running a photography competition – the prize for the best photo and associated write-up is a digital camera. This is being done to generate interest in the news letter by allowing everyone a chance to contribute and to showcase the diversity of the operations, people and conditions that we work with. 

Two other important areas of the news letter that are largely dependant on your contributions are:

  1. The social news section (Hatches, Matches and Dispatches)which covers things like births, marriages and deaths, and
  2. The articles section, where we take an in-depth look at interesting and topical ideas and occurrences. The latest news letter has a very interesting piece on the Haitian earthquake by Friedemann Essrich.

 Photos, articles and news can be forwarded to Good luck and happy snapping! As usual, I am available to answer questions on the forum or via Email.

Koos Bosman has enquired with Dr Kym Morton on the possibility of a formal short 2 day course on groundwater specifically aimed at mining Rock Engineering and Geotechnical engineering.  Dr Morton is willing to provide such a course if there is sufficient interest.  They will add a topic of the “influence of groundwater on stability of slopes and excavations”.  If there is sufficient interest they will proceed and schedule such a course and then communicate the costs. if you are interested and wish to attend please send me a mail. the proposed course contents are.

This tribute to Martin was printed in the ISRM news letter


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