My suggestion, or comment would be on the Rock Mechanics Practicals. It is already October Month, with the next round of written examinations due, but the practical candidates have not yet been contacted with regards to a date for the practicals. The year is heading towards its end at an alarming pace, and we would really like to complete the said practicals before time runs out. Please keep us in the loop, as the last communication received in this regard was end of July 2017.


Thank you for your comment/ suggestion. SANIRE council has consulted the organisers with regards to your enquiry. A notification of the exams location and venue has been sent out to all the candidates that successfully registered with the chamber of mine. The exam will be hosted on the 27th October 2017 at the University of Pretoria. The guidelines for the practical was also attached to this correspondence. If you did not receive the correspondence please confirm with Colin Anderson that if you are registered and secondly please confirm that all your contact details are correct.
Colin Anderson -
In addition to the above feedback it must be noted that all Narrow Tabular and Massive Mining candidates have been contacted. According to the records there were no registered Coal candidates and examinations for the Open pit candidates have not yet been finalized due to the limited and unavailability of examiners. These exams will be handled in due course once examiners become available.