Rock Mechanics paper should be marked by the University Lecturer. This is because when the examiner is from your company and they company does not need a Rock Engineer, they will fail you until such time they need one. The question is, why do we pass all 40 university module for B Mining Eng. and pass 6 module for MSc Eng. degree but fail 3 RMC modules for 5 consecutive years, this is purely unfair. We should rather pay more for the registration fee and get an independent body for marking the examination.

Firstly, SANIRE and CHAMBER OF MINES (COM) is not a company that employs Rock Engineers. The Chamber as the issuer of the certificate of competence, whilst SANIRE is the Technical Expert making up the exam board committee who govern  the entire process.
The examiner and moderator are selected on merit by SANIRE in conjunction of with the COM. This done without knowledge of current staff requirements at the selected examiner or moderators working place. The exams are then marked without knowing who is the candidate since only ID numbers are used on each script, hence the process should be unbiased.  We can assure you that failing candidates just for the sack of failing is not the vision and goal of SANIRE and the COM. The papers are marked once by the examiner, then by the moderator. If you so wish even a remark is available by an additional person.
Secondly, passing the Chamber exams expects of a candidate to achieve 60% in one sitting, whereas universities only require aggregate of 50% (This has not considered a semester mark which reduces the marks required in the final exam to pass the module). At University, you are guided through the material / content, whereas the Chamber Certificate is focussed on self-learning. The student also gets ample opportunities to pass the module. Assignments and tutor classes, test in the semester for preparation, normal exam, supplementary and in some instances even a special exams are available. The COM on the other hand is a once off three hour session only.
Our portfolio member for Education would like to investigate this further, hence contact him directly as to initiate communications and we could possible review all your exams externally.  /