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Alida Hartzenberg

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My children are playing in the softball league for primary schools and their teams are doing rather well. The changes in their abilities year on year never stops to amaze me. In the first year, the little ones get a stationary ball “pitched” at them where they only need to swing and strike the ball. Later the balls are pitched from an increasing distance and with increasing speed. I got to experience an u/19 Boys’ pitch at 130 km/hr, which needs to make you swing faster. Not much time to think what to do. Every time this ball is missed, frustration grows, which make you try harder. The harder you try, the more you miss, which makes you try harder and miss further. A vicious circle that is broken only by a deep breath and one focused hit. H – O – M – E – R – U – N!!

Recent developments

The 14th ISRM Congress will be held in Foz do Iguassu, Brazil in September 2019. Very few abstracts were re-ceived from South Africa by the 12 September. It is important to have good representation from South Africa and the deadline has therefore been extended until 30 October 2018. Please submit your abstracts.

EuRock 2018 was held in St. Petersburg, Russia during May. Rocdyn-3 was held in Trondheim, Norway during June 2018. Brazilian Symposium on Rock Mechanics, SBMR 2018 was held during August.

SANIRE Council hosted the Annual General Meeting on the 31st of August 2018, whereby numerous awards were handed over whilst interesting discussions around the education and the future of SANIRE was conducted.

Award Recipient
Lifetime Achievement Award: Honorary Life Fellow DS Minney
Lifetime Achievement Award: Honorary Member Trevor Clements
Salamon Award Dr. Michael du Plessis &
Prof. Francois Malan
Ortlepp Award Paul Couto
Practitioner of the Year Award Naomi Ayres
Rockstar of the Year Award Edeshni Munsamy
Best Student Award (UP) SC Khoza
Best Student Award (Wits) Tabotabo Talane
Candidate Award - October 2017
Highest mark > SCO Theory
Gustav Heuer
Candidate Award - October 2017
Highest mark > Paper 1
Prince Mulenga
Candidate Award - May 2018
Highest mark > Paper 1
Yolanda Chambati
Candidate Award - October 2017
Highest mark > Paper 2
Johan van Zyl
Candidate Award - May 2018
Highest mark > Paper 2
Thomas Ngwato
Candidate Award - May 2018
(Highest Mark > Paper 3.1
Junior Vezi

Full Name: Edeshni Munsamy
Position: Strata Control Officer
Company / Organisations: Lonmin
Date and Place of Birth: 26 September 1990; Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal

Education: Joined Lonmin, as a Mine Technical Services student. I have since, obtained my Blasting Ticket in 2015 and Strata Control Ticket in 2016. I am currently employed as a Strata Control Officer at Rowland Shaft and working towards my Rock Engineering Ticket.

First Job: Personal assistant at Discovery Life

Everything in life happens for a reason, someday it will all make perfect sense.

Full Name: Naomi Ayres
Position: Senior Rock Engineer
Company / Organisations: Impala Platinum
Date and Place of Birth: February, 1978
Education: MEng Rock Eng, CoMAREC, BSc Geology
First Job: Waitress, while I was still at school and studying.

Live and let live - Obviously without infringing on the rights of others. We are all unique with our own ideals and ways. Things are not always as they appear - to you.

Good day Members

SANIRE council hosted the Annual General Meeting on the 31st August 2018, whereby numerous awards were handed over whilst interesting discussions around the Education and the future of SANIRE was conducted. SANIRE council would like to hear from you with regards to the AGM. All suggestions and comments will be considered.

Jannie Maritz
SANIRE President

The current version of SANS 1534:2004 (1.4) has been in practice since 2004. Since then quite a few changes have occurred within the mining industry. An attempt was made to start the reviewal process of this Standard in 2009, but this reviewal process never came to completion. A renewed effort was made in 2015 when it came to light that the current South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) has only been conducting partial testing against the standard for renewing the product Mark. They subsequently halted all audits and testing for certification to this standard.

Dear SANIRE Member

It is again that time of year where you are required to nominate that someone in your district doing more than what was asked, going further than was planned, given more than was required.  That one member who really stands out.

We are looking for nominations in both the Practitioner and Rockstar of the year categories.  Below you would find a description of these awards as was published in our latest newsletter.

The President and Council of the South African National Institute of Rock Engineering
cordially invite members to attend the
Annual General Meeting 2018

Date:    Friday, 31 August 2018
Venue:    Ruimsig Country Club, 165 Hole-in-One-Avenue, Roodepoort, 1724, South Africa, GOOGLE MAPS
Time:    Registrations starts at 7:30 am – Meeting at 9:30
RSVP:    Before 15 August 2017 to Pogisho Tlhako at

Exhibition space available for interested companies.

DOWNLOAD PDF INVITATION...  pdf SANIRE AGM Invitation 2018 (313 KB)

Sanire 2018 AGM

Dear Members
Please follow the links to the latest quarterly newsletter.


This is your newsletter and I would like to hear from you. If you have any information or stories that we can use, please submit them via email to

Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

Alida Hartzenberg

During the recent EUROCK 2018, held in St Petersburg, Russia, some of the South African delegates visited a basement rock pub for some evening wine and dine. It was while sitting there, looking at the artist and band names painted on the walls and ceiling that I thought of the South African bank slogan: “What’s your next?” Some of those bands will never be known by the current generation, let alone the next. And the question still stands; “What were their next?” This stayed in mind and the long haul back to South Africa made me realise that we are sometimes so caught up in the long-term goal that we forget what the next step is. Do not get me wrong, we need the goal, the finish line, the end, and the des-tination. However, getting there might need some adjustments, from time to time. I am led to believe that, even as a plane has a final destination planned, it is off-course about 95% of the time and needs adjustments to get there.

Recent developments

William Joughin attended the TuniRock 2018 (Advances in Rock Mechanics) ISRM specialised conference, together with Dr Luis Lamas (Secretary of the ISRM) and Dr Eda Freitas de Qaudros (ISRM President), in Hammamet, Tuni-sia from March 29 to 31, 2018. The conference was organised by the Tunisian Society for Rock Mechanics and chaired by their president, Prof. Essaieb Hamdi. It was a successful conference, attended by delegates from Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, South Africa, Brazil, Portugal, Italy and France. The Tunisian national group has been a member of the ISRM since December 2012 and is largely focussed on numerical modelling in the civil industry. Tunisia is a beautiful country with a long history. Tours to the El Jem amphitheatre and Carthage roman archaeological sites were arranged.

Full Name: Thovhedzo Gcuda

Position: Chief Rock Engineer

Company / Organisations: Wesizwe Bakubung Mine

Date and Place of Birth: 23 April


  • 2004: Matric, Todani Secondary School
  • 2005-2008: BSc Engineering in Mining, University of the Witwatersrand
  • 2009: Strata Control Certificate - Chamber of Mines
  • 2010: Blasting Certificate - Department of Mineral Resources (DMR)
  • 2013: Computer skills and Numerical Modeling Software, Advanced Micro-station, Map3D, IMS Van-tage, Phase 2, Map2D, J-block, Dips, Riskeval, Advanced Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Project.
  • 2014: Assessor Certificate - Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA)
  • 2014: Moderator Certificate - Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA)
  • 2015: Social Network Marketing - Success Resource South Africa
  • 2017: COM Rock Mechanics Certificate (for Metalliferous Mines) - Chamber of Mines

First Job: Rock Engineer Graduate

By G.C. More O’Ferrall


I find the title of this article rather apt, as mining in Africa has had, and will still have, many challenges – political, logistical, technical (skills and technology), communal, environmental, etc. Each of these could very easily form sep-arate, lengthy articles/publications; however, this article very vaguely hints on a few of these. From a personal per-spective, me being an African, I commenced my career on Vaal Reefs Gold Mine (in Orkney), then moved to Lonmin Platinum (Marikana) before going into the mining consulting industry with SRK (Johannesburg), TetraTech Wardrop, AMEC and AMC in Vancouver (Canada). I have now worked for First Quantum Minerals Limited’s Zam-bian operations in the North-West province of Zambia for the past 15 months (although still residing in Vancou-ver). Hence the title, (Still) Enduring the Challenge of Mining in Africa.

Full Name: Michael Rory Conal Kevane

Position: Rock Engineering Manager

Company / Organisations: Lonmin

Date and Place of Birth: 20 April 1958, Harare, Zimbabwe

Education: NDT (Mining)(Wits); CoMAREC; GDE (Min. Eng.); B.Comm (Bus. Man.)

First Job: Learner Official (Mining)

Personal Best Achievement/s: Provincial Swimming Colours; Rescue Brigade (Proto) 10 yrs.

Philosophy of Life: Love, Integrity, Friendship, Enthusiasm

Favourite Food/Drink: Seafood, Red Wine

Favourite Sport: Gym

Dear members,

To ensure that we have an appropriate process in place which addresses the needs of all our members, SANIRE has launched the new on-line electronic practical examination registration portal via our website. This will cater for both the registration of the Rock Engineering and Strata Control practical exams. The intent of the system is to ensure that SANIRE can administer the registration process to make sure that any potential irregularities are ruled out in future. All of the practicals will be co-ordinated at central ven-ues to cater for all of the candidate’s needs.

Dear SANIRE Members,
It is with great sadness that we wish to inform our members of the passing of Oskar Steffen who passed away last week.  Most of us will remember him for the huge contribution he brought and his commitment towards a better industry.  Our condolences goes out to his family and friends during this time of grieve.

isrmDear ISRM Members and Rock Mechanics Colleagues,

For the 22nd ISRM Online Lecture the ISRM invited Professor Håkan Stille, from Sweden. The title of the lecture is “Rock grouting-theories in practical application”. It will be broadcast on Thursday, 28th June, at 10 AM GMT and will remain availab le in a dedicated webpage.

Prof. Hakan StilleProfessor Håkan Stille has a distingusihed carrier both in the academia and in consulting. He is Professor Emeritus of Soil and Rock Mechanics in the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where he taught from 1986 to 2010. Previous from joining the academia he worked as a consulting geotechnical engineer at Hagconsult AB, from 1969 to 1984 and then as head of the soil and rock mechanical group and later Vice-president of Skanska Technique. From 2010 to the present he has been member of dispute boards or witness expert in major claims and an independent consultant in geotechnical engineering, responsible for the geotechnical design or member of the board of experts for infrastructure projects in nineteen countries in all continents.

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Norman Harte, an industry and Shaft Sinkers icon. Norman passed away on Friday 4 May after a long illness.

A Geologist by profession, Norman joined Shaft Sinkers in 1974 as the 'Company Geologist'.

He played an instrumental role in the planning and execution of most of the Shaft Sinkers projects over the years that he was with Shaft Sinkers.

Retirement was a concept Norman did not understand at all and this resulted in him having a working career spanning 44 years with t he Company, eventually slowing down at the age of 85 to working only a few days a week.

Norman was a fountain of knowledge and was regarded as a global expert on mining matters and geology, often writing and presenting academic papers on mining. Norman was always incredibly willing to share his knowledge with others. He made an immense contribution to our Shaft Sinkers body of knowledge and sinking methodologies.

His love for rocks extended beyond Geology and, in his younger years, he did rock climbing as a hobby together with photography. In his later years, his hobby moved to walking and woodwork.

Norman is survived by his three daughters, Caroline, Alison and Penelope, his sister Shirley and his brother Geoff. Our condolences go to his family and friends.

Norman will be sorely missed. Funeral arrangements will be communicated once received.