Current and Past Presidents of SANIRE and SANGORM.

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In order to ensure that we have an appropriate process in place which addresses the needs of all our members, SANIRE has launched the new online electronic practical examination registration portal via our website. This will cater for both the registration of the Strata Control Officer (SCO) practical exams. The intent of the system is to ensure that SANIRE can administer the registration process to make sure that any potential irregularities are ruled out in the future. All the practical exams will be coordinated at central venues to cater for the needs of all candidates within their branch areas.

Hosting of a SCO Practical Exam

  • The SCO practical exams will be coordinated and hosted per SANIRE branch thus catering for their members
  • Rock Engineers and mines are not permitted to host exams without the involvement of the SANIRE branch and relative exams committee
  • SANRIE branches may co-host SCO practical examinations if required (especially to cater for various commodities / mining methods that may exist within a SANIRE branch’s region)
  • Approved costs of the practical examination may be claimed for by the SANIRE Branch Chairman from SANIRE Council
  • Exams will be held twice annually

Registration Cost

  • The registration process and fees payable will be managed by SANIRE’s Education Fund
  • R500 for SANIRE member or associate member and R1200 for non-SANIRE member
  • The R1200.00 non-member rate will receive a one-year SANIRE associate membership for free. Should the candidate fail the examination, the following examination would be R500 as part of the free membership. Should the candidate fail a second time, then he/she will need to pay the R1200 and the cycle continues.

Registration Process

  1. Complete the online registration here
    1. Candidates are to ensure that they attach all relevant documentation (CV, certificates/qualifications, proof of passing the Strata Control Theory Examination and proof of payment)
    2. All documents must be in the required format (Files allowed: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .jpg up to 30MB)
    3. Banking details are on the registration page
    4. Candidates are to ensure that all details are entered correctly and that the correct region / branch is selected
    5. There are compulsory fields to complete when registering. If any of the fields are not completed (or proof attached), the registration will be unsuccessful.
  2. Candidates will be notified of registration within seventy two (72) working hours
  3. If candidates do not receive a registration acceptance, then the registration has not been successful
  4. Applications must be completed with all relevant documentation and within the given timeframe to be completed successfully
  5. The SANIRE Council Secretary will keep an updated list of registrations for each Branch of which will be made electronically available for each Branch Chairman
  6. The SANIRE Council Secretary will distribute the candidate list to the Regional Branch Chairman by the next working day following registration closing
  7. Candidates will receive further communication by the Branch regarding the SCO Practical Examination arrangements. Should candidates not receive any communication, they are advised to contact the Branch Chairman immediately

Candidates Responsibilities

  • Successfully register for the examination on time
  • Keep in contact with the branch regarding the examination
  • Be well prepared for the examination
  • Do not be late for the examination. Candidates who are late without a valid reason or who miss the underground trip will not be allowed to attempt the examination; will forfeit their examination and only be able to attempt the following practical examination
  • Candidates will be required to bring along a laptop (with charger), camera, distomat / tape, clinoruler / compass, all required PPE, scale ruler; general stationary and any other daily underground equipment which might be required for the exam
  • Make suitable observations and records of observations for use during the examination
  • Keep up with the group underground and not lag behind or get lost
  • Working safely during the examination
  • Any concerns with regards to the examination must be brought forward to the Branch Chairman within 2 working days of the examination
  • To attempt a maximum of 2 times per year and only one attempt per 6 months (preferably pass 1st time!)
  • Do not cheat or copy other’s work that is not yours. The purpose of the exam is to test the candidates’ competency. Any dishonesty or plagiarism will result in failure of the examination and suspension of up to 2 years from future examinations.

Branch Responsibilities

  • The Branch Chairman will call for the examination prior to the date of the exam
  • The Branch Chairman is responsible to add the event to the website
  • Members of the branch must assist the Chairman with a suitable venue for the examination
  • Prior to the examination, the Branch Chairman must appoint an Exams Committee who will be responsible to set the examination. The Exams Committee must comprise people with suitable experience for the mining method and be holders of the COM Rock Mechanics Certificate or COM Advanced Rock Mechanics Certificate.
  • The Exams Committee may utilise the Youth Development Representative of the Branch to assist with SCO Practical arrangements
  • The exams committee sets the exam in accordance with the syllabus
  • The exam is to be moderated by all members of the exams committee to check relevance and level
  • The strata control practical examination must consist of an underground trip and plan reading, but will also test candidates report writing skills, computer literacy and the ability of a candidate to interpret and use basic data. The exam must comprise a written report, plan reading, observation and general practical question sections.
  • The majority of the examination must take place on a formal template which will be marked by the examiner appointed by the Branch Chairman and Branch Exams Committee. The remaining portion of the exam will comprise an oral question and answer section of which will be marked by a group of examiners (minimum of 2 examiners)
  • Candidates must not be examined by examiners of the same company or where a conflict of interest may exist.
  • The written portion of the examination is to be marked by an appointed examiner of the exams committee and then moderated by an external examiner that is external to the setting of the examination
  • Any concerns raised by examiners or candidates are to be reviewed by the Chairman to ensure fairness
  • The Branch Chairman is to report back to SANIRE Council Education Portfolio Holder of any concerns and outcomes thereof

SCO Practical Examination Requirements

Entry requirements to the SCO Practical examination will require candidates to have passed the Strata Control Theory examination.

This will continue to be the requirement until such time the additional requirements have been appropriately workshopped by the various commodity / mining method task teams of which will develop a SCO development matrix that is to be signed off by the proposing rock engineer / candidates mentor.

sanire banquet 2019



As per the SANIRE Constitution the following processes where followed and scrutinised in order to ensure that a SANIRE Council is established for the 2019 – 2021 term. The allocation of SANIRE Council members to portfolios was conducted at a Bosberaad meeting hosted on the 13th and 14th July 2019 at Finfoot Conference Centre.

The SANIRE Council should comprise of the following corporate members as per the SANIRE Constitution.

3.2       The council shall consist of:

3.2.1    The President,

3.2.2    The President-Elect, who is also the Vice President,

3.2.3    The Immediate Past President,

3.2.4    The Honorary Treasurer, and

3.2.5    Five Corporate Members,

These will comprise the executive members of council.

In addition, other persons may be invited to attend council meetings to present progress reports and provide liaison between the council and the members. Examples of these include:

3.2.6    The chairperson of any division formed under Clause 3.13.

3.2.7    The chairperson of any branch formed under Clause 3.15.

The results presented in the graph below have been scrutinised by the Northern Cape and Gauteng Branch Chairman and were found to be accurate and in order.

9.2.2 At the council meeting immediately preceding the end of the current council’s term of office, there shall be appointed not less than two scrutinisers, whose duty it shall be to open and examine the ballot forms and to report the result of their scrutiny to the president. Candidates do not qualify to act as scrutinisers.

There was a requirement to co-opt an additional council member for the Organisational Liaison portfolio. The newly elected SANIRE Council agreed that the best suited candidate who has also served on council for the past 8 years under this and numerous other portfolios would be Robert Armstrong.

9.3 Should the nomination list for members to be elected to the council not include the names of as many members as are required to fill the vacancies on the council, the council shall nominate members to complete the list and the members nominated shall be declared elected at a council meeting before the 31st of July.

council2019 graph

The proposed portfolio holders were all elected at the Bosberaad for the following portfolios for the 2019 – 2021 term.

3.4 The vice-president and honorary treasurer for each ensuing term shall be elected by the newly elected committee at the first meeting of the council following the election of council members. This meeting is typically in the form of a strategy session (Bosberaad) or AGM.

Portfolio Portfolio Holder
President / Events and Sponsorship Paul Couto
Past President Jannie Maritz
Treasurer Lizelle Prinsloo
Administrator Raymond van der Berg
Membership Dave Neal
Young members Yerisha Rajpal
Social media, Newsletter Pearl Mosiane

Education, Exams Committee and Awards
     1. Future Education
     2. MincoSA Exams
     3. Rock Engineering Practical Exams
     4. Strata Control Officer Practical Exams

Adam Cooper and Andre Esterhuizen
Jannie Maritz
Adam Cooper
Andre Esterhuizen
Adam Cooper
ISRM/ RETC/ MRAC Dr. Michael Du Plessis

Organisational Liaison
     2. MHSC, RBTT, Seismicity, MoshCOPA

Robert Armstrong
Friedemann Essrich



Dear Member
It is with great sadness that we learnt about the passing of one of our members, Juan Little, from BLA consulting in the Free State region.  Our sincere condolences go out this his wife, Joane, and his family in respect this great loss.  May you all find comfort in this time of mourning.
Yours sincerely