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During the recent EUROCK 2018, held in St Petersburg, Russia, some of the South African delegates visited a basement rock pub for some evening wine and dine. It was while sitting there, looking at the artist and band names painted on the walls and ceiling that I thought of the South African bank slogan: “What’s your next?” Some of those bands will never be known by the current generation, let alone the next. And the question still stands; “What were their next?” This stayed in mind and the long haul back to South Africa made me realise that we are sometimes so caught up in the long-term goal that we forget what the next step is. Do not get me wrong, we need the goal, the finish line, the end, and the des-tination. However, getting there might need some adjustments, from time to time. I am led to believe that, even as a plane has a final destination planned, it is off-course about 95% of the time and needs adjustments to get there.

I think the best way of finding “your next” in going to your future is find-ing “your current”. When asking Google Maps directions to Hotazel, it will most probably ask you, “from where?”

Dreaming this for yourself is good and well; however, what is SANIRE’s “next”? Firstly, let me start in reporting on some “currents”. Over the past year, our membership grew by around 15%, with various member-ship upgrades. We, as SANIRE, took over the administration of the prac-tical exams from the Chamber of Mines (not without hick-ups). Major advances in the QCTO qualification registration have been made. “Bridges” have been built with other societies, all in good faith, so as to extend our public image: activities on social media and a Rockbowl or two. We successfully hosted an international conference. Through this, some resignations from National Council and changes to branches offices.

So, what SANIRE’s “next”? As Council, we will be focussing our attention on the following: the 2018 SANIRE symposium, a stronger drive on membership, practical examinations co-ordination, industry workshops on burning issues, the 2021 Geotechnical Engineering Practitioner in Mining qualification, website upgrades, and SANIRE branding. Keep watching all our platforms in the coming months to see what is NEXT!

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Some of the South African participants to the recent EUROCK 2018, held in St. Petersburg, Rus-sia. From left to right: Alida Hartzenberg (Ortlepp award winner), Paul Couto, Dr Michael du Ples-sis (Salamon award winner with Prof Francois Malan), Dr Jaco le Roux and Jannie Maritz.

I also take great pride in the fact that I can be a part of a special term in SANIRE’s history. As SANIRE will be turning 20 in 2019, and the initial group that was formed in March 1969, SANGORM, would have turned 50, if the name had not been changed. Thus, the SANIRE council has thought it wise to celebrate this monumental occasion by introducing the inaugural SANIRE Presidential Dinner. The details of this event will be circulated early in the quarter.

With this being said, I would like you all to ensure your membership details are correct and that your account is in good standing. Don’t miss out on SANIRE’s NEXT.
Till NEXT time … Rock on!


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