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My children are playing in the softball league for primary schools and their teams are doing rather well. The changes in their abilities year on year never stops to amaze me. In the first year, the little ones get a stationary ball “pitched” at them where they only need to swing and strike the ball. Later the balls are pitched from an increasing distance and with increasing speed. I got to experience an u/19 Boys’ pitch at 130 km/hr, which needs to make you swing faster. Not much time to think what to do. Every time this ball is missed, frustration grows, which make you try harder. The harder you try, the more you miss, which makes you try harder and miss further. A vicious circle that is broken only by a deep breath and one focused hit. H – O – M – E – R – U – N!!

Isn’t it funny how life sometimes throw you these curve balls, strike after strike, which you cannot seem to connect. Exam on exam, you cannot get it right. Visits to working places never seems to hit the real cause of instability. Secondary support contractors never meet a realistic target. The classic production apology: “Sorry sir, check me next month.”

The dream of being the best Rock Engineer is good, but sometimes we need to wake up from that sleep and start being the best Rock Engineer (or Strata Control Officer or Observer or Anything you WANT to be).

pres cornerOnly by starting will progress be made. Procrastination (the action of delaying or postponing something) has its place and time; like the procrastination on getting hurt. Some of us are not necessarily procrastinating, we are just very productive in doing the unimportant stuff. The only way to make progress it to take the next step. As I often tell my students, when in doubt, just do the next calc. The answer will come.

The next round of exams is coming up and the practical exams will soon follow. If that’s your NEXT, let that be the focus for now. If you advanced to the next stage, find your next and focus in achieving that. Life is all about solving problems. The better we get at that, the better life will be. I heard a quote a while back which goes: “It does not get easier. You just get faster”. Endure the “pain” and learn from it. Make life simple and next time the “pain” will pass sooner.

As council has their eyes focussed per portfolio we will make SANIRE the professional body it deserves to be BUT for that we need your participation. After all, we are all batting for the same team. It does not help if you sit on the side shouting to the batter when to swing, but when he/she moved to the first base there is no one to bat. Get your socks up, your gloves on and let’s swing some composite steel bat!

Batter up!