Yet another year has made its way through our lives as we move to-wards the end of 2018 and what do you have of it? That 2 586 photos on your phone or back-up drive somewhere which will be laughing stock in a few years with regards to the funny hairstyles and fashion statements? If you sit back, can you think of those moments where you really felt ALIVE? Those are the moments we should embrace and create more of in 2019.

How many times have you sat in a meeting or even chilling with friends or family and suddenly your name is called, asking your opinion on an issue? And with that, you realise you have no idea on what the issue is. It reminds me of my school days when I was sitting in class where the whole class read from the prescribed book for the quarter. The teacher randomly calls a pupil’s name whom should continue where the previous classmate stopped. Numerous times, Jannie was caught out when I started few paragraphs back repeating what was read. With this, I was not being in the room (if you are smiling now, you know exactly what I’m talking about). We are sometimes trying so hard to setup the perfect SELFIE that we miss the moment.

During the year, we are so easily distracted from what we are busy with that nothing gets done. We lose focus on where we want to be and that any road will get us there. Once we arrive at the station and refer back to the map, we realise that is not where we wanted to be.

This time of year which everybody so fondly refer to as the “silly season” is no different. We hustle to get all the loose ends tucked in before we break for the summer holidays and Christmas time. While we do that, don’t forget that the task at hand needs to be completed. There is a saying: “The job isn’t done till the barn is swept and the tools stowed.” In mining there is never time to get the job done the first time; however, there is always time to do it over. Why do we need to come back in 2019 to finish off what needed to be done in 2018? If you have one more pre-planning session to attend; do that, get the reports out and the barn swept. And when you do sit there, BE IN THE ROOM.

Now, while I am in your “room”, I would like to wish each and every SANIRE member and your family a very blessed Christmas break. May you all have a swept barn when you leave the office and find all the tools for the new year at the exact place for a pro-ductive start to 2019. My wish for you all is that that one life giving moment in 2018 will be multiplied by the amount of focus and determination you put into 2019.

Merry Christmas…