SANIRE Council is pleased to announce that there will be no membership fee increase for next financial year (2021).

Covid-19 has negatively impacted the financial wellbeing of most mining companies and individuals including SANIRE. SANIRE is always aiming to assist its members and it is for this reason that the SANIRE membership fee will not be increased for a third consecutive year. The membership fees for the FY 2021 are as follows:

Member Type Annual Fees
Honorary Life Fellow FREE
Student FREE
Retired Member R270
Correspondence Member R880
Associate Member R650
Member R800
Fellow R920

Your SANIRE membership fee also contributes to your ISRM (International Society of Rock Mechanics) membership fee equating to approximately 25% of the payable fee and the rest towards SANIRE. The membership fees assist SANIRE with administrational costs, which are based on the number of members within the organization.

Currently, there are 222 members on SANIRE’s membership database, who have outstanding membership fees for more than 12 months. All members with a debt status exceeding 12 months, will be moved to non-SANIRE members, to reduce any further negative financial impact on SANIRE with regards to ISRM and administrational costs. A non-SANIRE member will become active again once all the outstanding fees have been recovered.

Yours sincerely,

SANIRE President (PM Couto)

Hon. Treasurer (LL Prinsloo)