Good day SANIRE members,

Please note that the Strata Control and Rock Engineering Practical examinations for the second half of 2021 are now open.

Registration for the Strata Control Practical will close on the 31st August 2021. Examinations are planned to be hosted during September and October 2021 for the Strata Control Practical.

Registration for the Rock Engineering Practical will close on the 4th October 2021. Examinations are planned to be hosted early November 2021 for the Rock Engineering Practical.

Please register for the practical examinations via the SANIRE website and ensure that you submit the required documents accordingly within the required timeframe.

Please note that Rofhiwa Phadagi and Kevin Le Bron will now be responsible for the Strata Control Practical and  Rock Engineering Practical Examinations on behalf of SANIRE Council, respectively. I would like to welcome both members to SANIRE Council and wish them success in their Education roles.

In terms of the theory examinations, please ensure that you register via the COMCERT website ( Please note that registration closes on the 31st August 2021. Theory exam dates are as follows:

Examination Date of Examination
Strata Control Coal 5th October 2021
Strata Control Met 5th October 2021
RMC Paper 1 5th October 2021
RMC Paper 2 6th October 2021
RMC Paper 3.1 7th October 2021
RMC Paper 3.2 7th October 2021
RMC Paper 3.3 7th October 2021
RMC Paper 3.4 7th October 2021