My suggestion or comment would be on strata control practical exam. I would like to know what is the procedure of conducting/hosting strata control practical exam at our mine. We have candidates with theory anticipating practical exam. Please advance in way about hosting exam. e.g items of who must sent the exam, how must examine and how many candidates... just briefly explain the procedure. Thanks.


Dear SANIRE Member
The SANIRE Council would like to thank you for your comment.
During the last exam sittings we noted that there were concerns with the entire process and therefore late in December we established a task team under the Education portfolio. This task team was tasked with ironing out the procedure and guidelines. Currently the team is busy drafting and building systems to ensure that the procedures can be followed accordingly with the candidates best interest in mind. As soon as these have been finalised and signed off by the council it will be made public to all members. The timeline for this announcement will be within the first quarter of the year.
A procedure will be issued on approval from council and industry within due course outlining all the guidelines and steps that need to be adhered to.
We sincerely hope that we have answered your comment to the best of our ability. Please feel free to revert back to us with any other additional comments.
SANIRE President
Jannie Maritz.