Please note that the custodians of the written exams, exam process and release of results is conducted through the Mineral Council. Candidates can request for a final mark per question from the Minerals Council. This will assist with the fault finding request. This information can be requested from the Minerals Council Exam board via email.

Dear SANIRE Member

The Appendix A does not contribute any marks to the exam.  You need 60% per section (planning and portfolio) to pass the exam.  The reference documents are required only for registration purposes.  They have been implemented to stop plagiarism, ensure that candidates are in fact mentored, stop unprepared timewasters from entering and wasting valuable resources, and to prevent anyone not associated directly with rock engineering from registering for the exam.  This is the part we as the SANIRE examinations committee play to ensure we supply the industry with reliable, well-trained rock engineers who can operate independently with integrity. 

Your projects cant “just be work that you have done”.  The rules clearly state that it may not be a prepared document and that it must be a true reflection of your own work.  Please see the exam guidelines that are available for download from

If your mentor believes that you are not fit to attempt the exam yet, it is expected of him/her to not sign the reference form and to prevent you from entering.  If you feel your mentor is being unfair, then you have to take it up within your organisation. 

The closing date for the registrations was on 30 September 2020.

Query:I would like to know the requirements of a strata control officer because i have a certificate for strata control supervisor


Dear Oageng Moreki

Thank you for your suggestion/enquiry.

The requirements in order for you to be appointed as a Strata Control Officer on South African Mines state that you need to be in the possession of a Chamber of Mines (Minerals Council) Strata Control Certificate of Competence.

Query: Who is offering Paper 2 preparation course for October exam?


Dear Gerald
Thank you for your enquiry.
Training courses that SANIRE is aware of are placed under the events calendar on the SANIRE website.  Please note that SANIRE only advertising the courses on behalf of service providers, purely for the benefit of its members.
Thanking you
Paul Couto
SANIRE President


I would like to know when is the practical registration form on the website going to be active? This is for Strata control practical registration. I know the March assessment applications are closed but I wanted to be assessed for August intake. Please assist.


Good day Lebohang
Thank you for your enquiry.
The Strata Control Officer practical registrations will open up online after the announcements of the Strata Control Officer theory results have been released by the Minerals Council, which normally occurs in July.
All SANIRE members will be notified of the opening via the web, social media and email correspondence.
SANIRE President
Jannie Maritz