What are the qualifications and experience of examiners and who vets them. In my day, only the esteemed high standing members were allowed to exam. These days it seems like examiners are selected arbitrarily and probably have no more than 10 years post ticket experience. Can SANIRE send out a examiners guideline and criteria list to all its members. This should be transparent. Hopefully, SANIRE responds openly, with a list of examiners, their experience and qualifications, rather than provide some vague answer that they normally hide behind.

Good day SANIRE Member
Thank you for your comment raised with regards to the examiners. The SANIRE website has the current list of all the examiners as well as a table with a search function where all their COM certificate of competency can be viewed. If you would like to enquire further on more qualifications, majority of the examiners have Linkedin profiles which shows their experiences and qualifications.
SANIRE President