I would like to follow up regarding the Rock Mechanics Practical Exams.  Has a date been set yet, or can I contact Mr Jacques Lucas directly with queries?

How does this affect those that already registered via the CoM, and paid the registration fees, do they not have a list of registered candidates already?  This seems counter-productive at this stage of the process?
Also, just another concern (please tell me if I am concerned for no reason), I am specifically interested in doing the practical exam for the open pit option.  Due to examiners not being available, the last round of practical’s done for the open pit was in January 2017 (this was due in December 2016, but was postponed).  Thus, 2017 was in effect skipped, and I am concerned that it may happen once again.  Your feedback (or the council’s feedback) will mean a lot in terms of re-assurance.
I trust you understand, and look forward to your reply.
Thanks for your prompt responses.
Kind Regards

Dear Morne
No need to be concerned.  There will be a practical soon. The examiners met on Friday (16 Feb) to sort out the logistics around how and where to host the exam.
A note will follow soon.  Those candidates that have registered with the CoM will be transferred to the SANIRE admin system.  Do not worry about this.  All the personnel involved does in fact talk to each other.  We know who registered already and for which practical.
Trust you find this explanation in order.
Best Regards