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I fully support the suggestion made on the 9th of February that "Rock Mechanics paper should be marked by the University Lecturer. This is because when the examiner is from your company and they company does…" because being conflicted doesn't undermine the merit of the examiner. The companies have a database of our I.D numbers and the managers have access to that database. Yes the universities guide us and have other assessment tools, this enable one to understand more than a 3 hour assessment seating that determines if you understand the entire rock engineering by asking a few things. That is why the university qualification is recognized by professional bodies like ECSA. A pass mark of 60% does not necessarily COM exams are far better than the universities Qualification, Especially those with six MSc Modules in Rock Engineering. On the issue of Remarking, your allowed to do remarking if you obtained 55-59%. 90% of these candidate rock engineer with appropriate degrees and/or 2 RMC courses work and Rock Engineers anyway meaning the qualify but cannot be appointed because of pending paper. This process is facilitating exploitation of cheap labour.

Noted, Thank you.
SANIRE President