Query: Hi, I'd like to find out how long does it normally take to receive the practical results from the day the practical is held? Also, by what means are the results communicated by.


Dear SANIRE Member
Thank you for your suggestion, we like hearing from our members.
The Strata Control Officer Practical Exams are now hosted by the local SANIRE branches who run the entire process. The examiners and moderators are practicing Rock Engineering Professionals that work at an employer full time and therefore assist with these exams in their private time, showing remarkable interest in giving back to the industry. This makes it difficult from both the SANIRE branch’s and SANIRE Council to commit on dates of results as these exams are marked and moderated in due course to ensure transparency and fairness. Consultation with your local SANIRE branch on a regular basis should give you an idea on the current status of the process.
SANIRE President
Jannie Maritz